Darrah Beaver, Director of Education

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A proud member of Tobique First Nation, Darrah (Pine) Beaver, MA, BA (Hon), BA, brings 20 years of experience working nationally, regionally and locally on Aboriginal issues both for the public and private sector. A fiscally responsible administrator with a proven track record in project management, community engagement, policy development and a passion for education.

Darrah began her position as Director of Education on April 13th 2015. Darrah states "I once heard an elder say: our learning begins in the womb and ends with the tomb. This has always stuck with me and will be the guiding philosophy as we move forward to establish a community vision for Tobique First Nation Education."

The following information is a list of lifelong learning supports currently offered to Wolastoqiyik members of Tobique First Nation.


Manager: Judy Perley

Phone: (506) 273-5408

The Tobique First Nation Headstart Centre provides a warm and safe environment to nurture the developmental needs of children between the ages of 2 years old to 4 years old.

Through a learner lead approach, children will show the Early Childhood Educators and the parents/guardians their interests and needs through play. The New Brunswick Early Childhood Curriculum Framework, Teaching Strategies and the six core components of Aboriginal Headstart will be implemented to support the child’s learning.

The Headstart Program will partner with the parents/guardians of the children to identify the needs of the child, while supporting each family in a way that respects the children, their family cultures and beliefs.

The Headstart Team is made up of a manager, five trained Early Childhood Educator's and a Cook/Janitor and is under the mandate and direction of Tobique First Nation Child & Family Services.

Mah-Sos School

Principal: Paula Pirie

Phone: (506) 273-5407

Mah-Sos School has been operating in Tobique First Nation for over 40 years. The original Mah- Sos School was built in 1975 in the shape of a fiddlehead. In 2012, Tobique First Nation opened the doors to a brand new Mah-Sos School. The 2,490 m2 Kindergarten to grade 8 school has 10 classrooms and includes a technology room, a gymnasium, a music room, a library, a kitchen and a cafeteria, as well as administrative space. Mah-Sos School currently offers K-4 in Maliseet immersion; K-5 to Grade 5 and has the capacity to offer up to Grade 8 to meet expected growth in enrollment. While offering New Brunswick provincially based curriculum for all grade levels, Mah-Sos School also offers culturally based curriculum incorporating Maliseet culture, history and language, music, physical education and computer class.

Mah-Sos School is the proud host of the Sistema Music Program. Sistema New Brunswick is a free daily after-school program that uses music as a means to create social change. Sistema New Brunswick’s mission is to promote the collective practice of music through symphony orchestras in order to inspire children and youth to achieve their full potential and to acquire values that favour their growth and have a positive impact on their lives and society.

Mah-Sos School is a community, a community of learning, a community of committed students, caring teachers, teacher assistants, administrators and support staff.

Mah-Sos School - where we grow leaders!

Grades K to 12

Director: Darrah Beaver

Phone: (506) 273-5535


Tobique First Nation works in partnership with the Province of New Brunswick Anglophone West School District to oversee the delivery of education for Tobique First Nation learners attending Andover Elementary (Grades K to 5), Perth-Andover Middle School (Grades 6 to 8) and Southern Victoria High School (Grades 9 to 12).

Tobique First Nation encourages all community members with school age children between the K-4 to Grade 5 to attend Mah-Sos School but recognize and respect the right to choose.

Tobique First Nation learners attending the Perth-Andover Middle School and Southern Victoria High School are offered additional academic and culturally based support through the Enhanced First Nation Education Programs and Services Agreement.


Manager: Susan Howard

Phone: (506) 273-5599


The Tobique Adult Learning Centre is located on the lower level of the Tobique Employment and Training Centre Building.

The Tobique First Nation GED Program provides academic upgrading and GED preparation for community members 18 years and older, however, one must be 19 years of age or older to write the GED tests. The program runs from September to May every year. The training is free and includes a common assessment of learners and small class sizes. Learners will start at their own skill level and work at their own pace. Flexible schedules allow adults to attend either full or part time. This program provides a maximum of 30 classroom hours per week. If life or work schedules do not allow attendance in the classroom, some learners might benefit from the GED Online courses. The online courses are designed for those adults who have upgraded their skills and are now preparing for the GED test. Certain prerequisite skills are required to take the GED Online course, but learners have this option available to them.

The Tobique Community Adult Learning Program represents a three way funding and delivery partnership between government, the private sector and communities. Our programs are designed to meet adult learners’ particular needs and those of the community. Learners may qualify for financial assistance if they are on Social Assistance or Unemployment Benefits.

GED tests are administered at different times throughout each session. There are a number of testing sites in the province, with Woodstock and Fredericton being the closest. There are five tests to pass in order to receive the GED diploma and these tests are written over a two day period. The GED tests are: Language Arts Writing, Language Arts Reading, Language Arts Essay, Social Studies, Science and Math. There is no fee for the first time writing the GED tests. Any section that is not passed is eligible for a rewrite. The re-write fee is $40. All GED tests, except for the Essay, are multiple choice in nature.

Post Secondary Education

Manager: Richie Bernard

Phone: (506) 273-5543 or Toll-free 1-888-369-2222

Fax: (506) 273-5547


Tobique First Nation is moving to develop a policy in Post Secondary Education which will clearly outline eligibility requirements and community priorities to meet the needs to our learners.

The stated objectives from Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada:

Post-Secondary Student Support Program (PSSSP)

The program objective is to improve the employability of First Nation and eligible Inuit students by providing them with funding to access education and skills development opportunities at the post-secondary level.

University and College Entrance Preparation Program (UCEPP)

The program objective is to provide financial support to eligible First Nation and Inuit students who are enrolled in university and college entrance preparation programs offered in Canadian post-secondary institutions, to enable them to attain the academic level required for entrance into degree and diploma credit programs.